Network Security Demystified

Militus provides the only information security service available that learns and analyzes your network over time using a custom-built network-based toolset. By building an understanding of how the network operates, we are able to uncover threats including rogue devices, information leaks, operational and architectural deficiencies, and evasive malware in ways that other services cannot.


There are no silver bullets in security. Militus uses the best available commercial, open-source, and custom-developed technologies to discover the widest range of threats possible from the most basic vulnerabilities to the most advanced malware.


Do not simply patch and forget security flaws. Learn why they are there, how to prevent future vulnerabilities, and how to properly manage security responsibilities within your organization.


Each finding is manually verified, immediately actionable, fully contextualized given your business operations and network architecture, and delivered in a clear, concise report – not pages upon pages of formatted printout from an automated tool.

Get More From Your Information Security Budget

Existing services offered by other providers including penetrations tests, vulnerability assessments, risk assessments, and compliance audits all address a particular aspect of security, but ultimately leave the client with a partial understanding of their network security risks. Militus’ services offer a much deeper and more complete picture without added strain on your operations, personnel, or budget.


 In a one to three week service, you will understand what devices, services, users, traffic patterns, vulnerabilities, and attackers are present on your networks.


Militus’ toolset integrates several technologies  designed to detect signs of advanced malware using different mechanisms to achieve the highest possible probability of detection.


Find out where your network is most vulnerable, where an intrusion is most likely to occur, and the probable impact of a given intrusion.


Through continued research and support, Militus makes it easy to understand the safest and most efficient ways to mitigate security threats on your networks.

Bringing the Right Tools for the Job

Militus has developed a custom toolset for aggregating and analyzing network traffic to derive security intelligence.

Unified Security Analytics Manager (USAMTM)

USAM integrates best-in-class threat and vulnerability detection, traffic profiling, entropy-based traffic analytics, network forensics, full-packet-capture, sandboxing, threat intelligence, and log analysis technologies enhanced by Militus’ proprietary software and algorithms.


USAM requires a minimal footprint and is easily deployed in under an hour.


Non-intrusive, “listen-only” traffic monitoring ensures your network operations are never disturbed.


Custom correlation rules and a UI developed in-house accelerate threat discovery and investigation.


Developed incorporating designs derived from experience building Security Operations Centers for government and commercial sectors.

Client Testimonials

The complexity and sensitive nature of our networks required a high level of expertise and our experience with your company was exceptional. Flexibility was required to work at multiple offices with different circumstances at each location and again Militus excelled… We wholeheartedly recommend Militus to any Agency or Organization that is seeking a deep dive and unobtrusive look into the security of their network.

Information Security Specialist

Transportation Industry

The information you were able to provide us was invaluable in understanding our vulnerabilities and how we can move forward in creating a more secure system. We appreciate the professionalism you and your staff provided as well as the thoroughly written report… We look forward to our continued partnership with Militus in keeping our network as secure as possible.

Chief of Police

Transportation Industry

Militus performed a USAM scan and the report findings were insightful and well presented.  We were so pleased we engaged Militus for a repeat engagement as well as incident response.  I view USAM as a dynamic scan as opposed to a snapshot that others provide.  Service was terrific and I highly recommend Militus.

Chief Compliance Officer

Finance Industry