Cybersecurity That Provides a Much Deeper Insight into Your Network Security Events

Discovering Security Unknowns Beyond Today's Available Solutions

The Militus Unique Approach to Discovery

  1. More Accurate

    Utilizes a sophisticated correlation algorithm

  2. Faster Discovery

    Reduction of noise and false-positives leads to a quicker resolution

  3. Better Context

    Comprehensive network traffic visibility enables deeper behavior analysis

Militus Cybersecurity Solutions - Dashboard
Unified Security Analytics Manager - USAM™

Unified Security Analytics Manager (USAM™): Militus’ portable fully self-contained integrated system-of-systems solution

  • Seamlessly integrated suite of best-in-class ‘security tools’ feeds the Militus proprietary correlation algorithm
  • Portable – goes anywhere anytime
  • Open Architecture – Flexible & adaptive to new technologies and changing threats
  • Self contained – from multiple monitor inputs to the Analyst’s single pane of glass
  • Readily connected & operational within minutes
  • Incorporates various Military-Intelligence grade licensed capabilities
  • Performs passive monitoring without interrupting clients' data networks