Unified Security Analytics Manager (USAMTM)

The Unified Security Analytics manager empowers the Militus team and our service partners to offer the most holistic information security service offered today. In enterprise environments, a custom USAM system can provide continuous network visibility as a cost-effective core component of an enterprise’s security stack.

Portable design

USAMTM is fully self-contained and supports remote management via a cellular connection. The unit weighs roughly 300 pounds, can easily be moved by two people, and can be operational on-site in under an hour.

Best-in-class technologies

USAMTM is continuously updated with industry-leading solutions for threat and vulnerability detection, traffic profiling, entropy-based traffic analytics, network forensics, full-packet capture, sandboxing, threat intelligence, and log analysis.

Enhanced security operations

Custom correlation enables timely response for the most critical threats and ensures that the system stays up-to-date. Analysts use a UI developed in-house to effectively manage network event data and navigate through the toolset.

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